Jordan Rowse 

Jordan Sondrup Rowse has over 25 years experience studying and teaching movement in its many forms, including jazz dance, hip hop, ballet, modern, African dance, Capoeira, Pilates and yoga. She attended the University of Nevada Las Vegas and Weber State University as a dance major with an emphasis in modern dance. Her teaching experience includes Nevada Dance Theatre, Weber State University and artistic director of a high school dance program. She has taught at several private studios, high schools, and for parks and recreation programs in Atlanta, Las Vegas, Denver and Utah. She has performed professionally with Repertory Dance Theatre in Salt Lake City and with There in the Sunlight in Atlanta. She is an ACE certified personal trainer and has taught for Bally Total Fitness, 24hr fitness and Golds Gym as well as for corporate fitness and parks and recreation programs. She also holds a certification from Paul Zaichik's Easy Flexibility in kinesiological stretching techniques.

She loves being a student and teacher of all forms of movement for physical fitness and self expression. She is an active mother of 3 and enjoys spending time with her husband and children.

Phoebe Smith

As a wife, mom, CPA, health coach, studio owner and volunteer, Phoebe Smith knows how important it is to take time for yourself in order to give to others. Phoebe has fallen in love with the power of fitness over the years, with an emphasis in heart pumping cardio! She is proud to be bringing a new fitness class to Just Dance called Transform Step. Phoebe will offer progressions and regressions to make her classes accessible and effective for everyone.

Miley Joyce 

Miley Joyce has been dancing since in the womb, according to her mom. She has taught various dance classes over the last 15 years including Zumba, Cardio Dance, Aqua Dance, Children's Creative Movement, and Children's Hip Hop. Her passion for dance has remained all of these years, as well as her love for dancing with others. Over the last 5 years, she worked at a Denver Elementary School where she was an ELA Para and then a 5th grade teacher. She moved to Stapleton in 2016 with her husband and daughter, and they welcomed their second daughter to the family in March of 2018. Miley loves being a student and a teacher, and that is what makes being a co-owner of Just Dance one of her biggest accomplishments.

Mahdyeh Nowkhandan

Mahdyeh is a Denver native who began her belly dancing career under the guidance of Ms. Lia Ridley at MSU Denver over 6 years ago. Since then, she has trained under numerous teachers, has taught belly dance at the youth, teen and adult level, and is also a co-founder of the previous Beat Nomads belly dancing troupe who taught and performed across Colorado. She found an instantaneous love, ability and release in blending different sounds and dance styles with the ancient art of belly dance- known to many as Transnational Fusion Belly Dance. This means you may see her blending cabaret, folk or ATS style belly dance with moves from hip-hop, jazz, flamenco and contemporary styles! She hopes to connect you to the strength and love within your body, the creativity within your mind and the beauty within your passionate soul, so you too can enjoy Transnational Fusion Belly Dance!


Anna Grifa 

Anna can’t wait to see you at Zumba class! She hopes to share her energy and enthusiasm for dance with others who wish to try something new, dance in a welcoming space without judgment, and help students pursue their own fitness goals through a dance-fitness program. Sharing a great playlist and creating a fun atmosphere is what she strives for in each class.
Anna considers herself a lifelong learner of dance, driven by her curiosity of trying new forms of dance throughout the years. She discovered a passion for dancing at a young age starting with ballet and then Bollywood in her adult years. She enjoyed performing with a Bollywood dance troupe for several years before becoming a Zumba instructor in 2013. Since then she grew her teaching experience by attending Zumba workshops, learning from other instructors, and instructing at several local dance studios as well as a community college. She believes Zumba is a strong and successful dance-fitness program that is structured for students of all levels but also allows room for creativity --- making it a FUN workout.
In her free time Anna enjoys spending time with her family, exploring nature, and attending yoga classes.

 Deepali Lindblom

Deepali is a professional dancer/choreographer, actor, and storyteller. She is trained in 'Kathak', an Indian classical dance and is proficient in many Indian dances including Bollywood. Her artistic journey began in Sweden and continued to grow in Montreal. It is here that she began teaching dance and developed "Feel Good" to offer it as a cardio routine.

Deepali arrived in Colorado, 4 years ago and did several theatre productions before founding Roshni, an arts organization that works with those at the margins. Through Roshni, she has initiated several pioneering events including Colorado's first Bollywood Romantic Comedy.

To learn more about Deepali, please visit and about Roshni at

 Anthony Le

Anthony Le is know to many as Bboy Chopz. He was born and raised in Aurora Colorado. He's been Breaking for 8 years, two years traveling around the United states competing professionally, and 4 years performing at shows. Breaking is his base, and he gets his inspiration from many different sets and practices. Anthony believes Breakin’ is a dance that is focused on building your own style through discipline, and being able to adapt to any situation and truly dance. The overall goal of his program is to turn students into overall dancers through the foundation of breakin’. 

Katherine Douglas

Katherine is a Colorado native. She started dancing at the age of 6. At the age of 10, she started taking dance more seriously under the instruction of Mavis Pakenham and Anna Weslin at the Colorado Springs Ballet Academy. At that point, she became obsessed with dance and spent every free moment at the dance studio. She was trained using the Cecchetti method of ballet and continued dancing through college. Adult ballet classes became hard to find, and sadly Katherine had to hang up her pointe shoes. When her friend Phoebe called her to tell her about her new adventure with Just Dance Denver, she was elated! She is thrilled to help bring the joy of ballet to others. Katherine has lived in Parker since 2003 and enjoys spending time with her golden retriever named Forrest.

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